Women should be paid the same as blokes despite not having a penis!

Keep Calm! There's a Feminist in the kitchen.

equalpayI work hard in my job. I always have. My work ethic is incredibly high and I strive to always do the best job I can and produce great results for my employer. Yet despite all of this I am still paid, on average, 13% less than a bloke for the same job. Women have been battling against gender discrimination in the workplace for decades with little improvement. Is this a fair deal? This modern feminist does not think so!

When discussing the Pay Equity  issue with blokes their responses seem to follow fairly similar themes of “We work harder”, ‘Women are always taking time off to care for sick children” and my personal favourite “Women get to take maternity leave’! Hmmmph. Lets break this down shall we?

Blokes just because you have a penis does not mean that you work harder than women. In fact in my own experience I have seen…

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