#Women Share Your Stories


The pay gap is real. The stories are real. And sharing these stories have never been more important than now during this health pandemic. Women make up the majority of essential workers who are on the front lines, working long hours, putting their lives and the lives of their family in harms way for the benefit of our communities. Sadly, many of these courageous women champions are not being paid fairly for the work that they do. Michigan women full-time workers age 16 and above are making 80 cents to every dollar a Michigan man makes. The economic consequences are huge and far reaching. It shows up in having less money for essentials like: food, rent, healthcare, education, car payment and insurance, daycare, utilities, savings for retirement and more.

We are so grateful to all of the women and men who sacrifice their health in this fight for the lives of our families and friends. And, when we finally emerge from the depths of this battle, we hope a transformation of thinking about women’s value will result in Michigan policymakers passing the package of equal pay bills that supports the economic security of Michigan working women. In the meantime, Michigan women let’s tell our stories.

Share your stories at the Michigan Equal Pay Day Coalition Facebook and Twitter pages, on the miequalpay.blog or on the MI Equal Pay Coalition Facebook and Twitter pages. #Women tell your stories. #Know your value # WomenRNotWorthless

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