Resources on Pay Equity

What is Equal Pay Day? (EPD Coalition)

What do we want in Michigan? (EPD Coalition)

Status of Michigan Women (2018) (IWPR)

Wage Gap for Black, Latina, Asian & Native American Women (2018) (LEAN IN)

The Simple Truth (2019 Fall Edition – AAUW)

Research The Simple Truth What Is the Pay Gap (2019 Fall Edition – AAUW)

Gender Pay Gap in 25 Metro Areas (AAUW article)

Graduating to a Pay Gap (AAUW)

Still a Man’s Labor Market (IWPR 2018)

Fair pay for women in Michigan? Not until 2086 (Detroit Free Press)

11 thoughts on “Resources on Pay Equity

  1. Debunking the Myth of a Mythical Gender Pay Gap

    Every year on Equal Pay Day, while some Americans lament the fact that in 2014 women still earn around 20 percent less than men, others perform intellectual gymnastics to deny that a gender pay gap exists, or to blame women themselves — and the “choices” they make — for its persistence. READ MORE:

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